[Didsbury, Manchester] Sangam

This was a home delivery meal via Deliveroo. There’s only a dozen or so restaurants doing delivery to our address. We’ve been ordering once a week since lockdown began, replacing our weekly “restaurant night” with “delivery night”. We’d been in no rush to try the Sangam. They used to have a branch in Heald Green that we went to occasionally. In truth, it was never that great and it was no loss when it closed. So, we had quite low expectations of this meal – and they were met.

We shared a vegetarian platter to start – paneer tikka, aloo tikka, vegetable samosa and onion bharji. All OK but fairly flavourless and uninteresting.

It’s perhaps churlish to complain that dish described as “hot” was overly hot. But it was. So hot that you couldn’t taste whether there was the fragrance of other spices in there. That was the Lamb Jalali – presumably named after the town of that name in Northern India – tender meat and a lot of the sauce. The heat made eating it a challenge rather than a pleasure. Subzi Mishali was a vegetable dish. A good selection of veg – carrot, onion, potato, peas, broccoli and cauliflower. This was a generous portion and there had also been a heavy hand with the chilli (although not as much as the lamb).

Carbs were good. Nice fluffy rice. The Latcha Paratha was a new one on us and I later looked up how its made. You first coil the dough and then roll it out flat, so that when it’s cooked the bread separates into layers. Quite flaky and, cooked in the tandoor, it had a nice crispness around the edge. Actually the best thing we ate.

There are five or six Indian restaurants delivering to our address. Sorry to say, Sangam wouldn’t make our top three. Not one to repeat if lockdown carries on for any length of time.