[Didsbury, Manchester] OKitchen - via Deliveroo

Home delivery from this Japanese/Korean restaurant was dinner tonight. It’s one of a few restaurants delivering to our address – and almost the last one that we haven’t tried during lockdown. One of us went down the Korean route, the other Japanese.

It was all OK. But, in truth, not better than OK.

There was a kimchi pancake to start. Quite doughy and the kimchi flavouring was muted but it was perked up by the use of some chilli sauce (gochujang?). From the Japanese section, there were tempura vegetables – aubergine, sweet potato, mushroom and red pepper. A light as a feather batter and a good starter.

For one of the mains, there was perhaps the most elegantly prepared dish I’ve ever had from a delivery – Bibimbap. Delivered in a plastic bowl, I ate it straight from that. Rice in the bottom, with grated radish, pork, cabbage, etc, all laid out in sections across the top. Oh, yes, and a lightly fried egg. More of the gochujang gave it a kick. It was better than the stir fried soba noodles which came with a sparse addition of some shreds of mixed vegetables. Just boring.

It was the sort of delivery we might order again but we’d be in no rush to do so.


From your description, it sounds Korean-owned - so the Korean items on their menu are probably the chef’s forte.
Designating itself as part-Japanese is probably a nod to the popularity of sushi and tempura in the UK.

Spot on, Peter. I Googled and found a professional review which mentions that both owner and chef are Korean. Reviewer liked the Korean dishes, not so much the Japanese.

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