[Didsbury, Manchester] No. 4 - a return to an old favourite

No. 4 never lets you down. In all the years we’ve been coming, we’ve never had a bad meal. There’s always a menu where you’re spoilt for choice. And everything is always cooked just as nicely as you hope. Service is never other than on the ball. Yes, I’m something of a fan of No. 4. And it was good to be back after months of lockdown.

English asparagus was bang-on for seasonality. Cooked so there was still a little bite to the spears and served with a tangy herb and lemon mayo and a crispy hens egg. The egg is clever. It’s cooked so the white forms round a still runny yolk. It’s then breadcrumbed and fried so you’ve got a crisp coating and a yolk still perfect for dunking the asparagus in. The other starter was also very summery. Crab mixed with a herb mayo and served alongside a salad of new potatoes, avocado and cucumber. A Bloody Mary dressing set it off, the Tabasco making it all quite perky.

More seafood followed the crab in the form of a perfectly cooked wodge of cod. There’s asparagus and samphire alongside and some cubes of fried potato. A lemon butter sauce works really well. Calves liver often appears on the menu here and it’s a dish I find hard to resist. It’s lightly cooked to “pink” and comes with a couple of rashers of smoked bacon, mashed potato and spinach. And you don’t miss out on the traditional liver and onions – the onion element coming in the form of crispy onion rings. There’s a well made red wine sauce to bring it all together.

Only one of us wanted dessert. That’ll be the “plate of chocolate” please. It’s a new thing they’re trying out and, unsurprisingly, Nina said it’s very popular. Three mini-desserts – a little pot of chocolate ganache, chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and a mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate “soil”. Really good – a rich ending to a really nice meal.


Nice one. I’m not having enough seafood so that’s made me hungry. And I’ll +1 for the plate of chocolate things. My kind of dessert, thankyouverymuch.

One deffo to try next tme you find your way to the Rainy City. 15 minute tram ride from the city centre and it’s literally round the corner from the Didsbury stop.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold