[Didsbury, Manchester] Jarern Kitchen

This was our first visit to the restaurant, although during the lockdowns we did have a number of home delivery meals from them. Unlike a number of other restaurants from whom we had delivery, this was one of only two that we thought good enough to actually try in person when we could. We have no particular knowledge of Thai cuisine so have no idea how the restaurant’s claim to be “authentic” stacks up. Nor do we care. We do care that we enjoy the meal. And we did.

It’s a bright, modern space, with just about enough space between tables for you to move your chair in and out. There’s a current staffing crisis in the hospitality industry and the single server was kept busy and was possibly thankful that it was not busier. She still managed to be engaged with a smile and an apology over a couple of minor slips.

There were tempura vegetables to start for one of us – a light batter encasing the likes of carrot batons and cauliflower florets, served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. The other order was for pork larb – certainly a traditional Thai dish. But pork was “off” that night but a chicken version was offered. Finely chopped chicken, spring onion, lettuce, chilli and a citrus dressing. It packed a punch – one of those “wake you up” dishes

“Weeping Tiger” steak is another well known Thai dish. Marinated sirloin was accurately cooked as requested and is served on a “sizzler” dish, along with onions, peppers and broccoli. The dominant flavour is from black pepper but they also serve a little dish of a chilli sauce to give extra “oomph”. Khao Phad is an egg fried rice dish, with tomato, spring onion and your choice of protein (beef in this case). They do a spicy version but this was fine as it was.

I think we see a return visit in our future.


Took us a while to get back, but we were there last night. Disappointing. Starters were fine. Mains were mediocre. Neithe rof us are that keen on Thai food so, as we don’t need a Thai place on our “regulars” list - it’s off the list.

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