[Didsbury, Manchester] Fosters Chippy

Diamonds may be forever but, unfortunately stellar fish & chips aren’t. I’ve raved over Fosters in the past – crisp batter on the haddock or cod, lovely chips and mushy peas that were exactly the right consistency – pretty much the perfect chippy

It all seems to have gone. Not that it was vile but lunch was very run of the mill. There’s still a bargain lunch menu – small fish, chips, drink for under six quid. And they still offer free “seconds” on the chips – although it’s always a generous portion of chips, so I bet the offer doesn’t get taken up too often. And there’s good soft drinks to be had – Fentimans lemonade isn’t what you expect in a chippy.

As to lunch, the fish itself was a nice fillet of cod (full sized portion – we are never knowingly underfed) but the batter wasn’t fully crisp and oozed oil when it was pressed. Chips were more like the abominable fat chips and were underfried. And the mushy peas were not so much mushy as pea puree. Now, it all tasted OK but this was nowt special and we may have to cross it off our “pensioners who lunch” list.

I am sad for you that the quality seems to have gone down but thoroughly enjoyed reading the review.

It’s so disappointing!

We famed for f & c in the north - the first fully documented fish & chip shop was opened in 1865 about 30 minutes drive away from home. But it is often just not very good - I wouldnt buy anything from the one in the village. Well, not unless I was really hungry and didnt feel like driving.

So it was great when Fosters opened - it’s less than a 10 minute drive and we’d gone to Didsbury today because there’s a great fishmongers there (bought lovely looking cod loin). We have to give it a last chance before consigning it to the rubbish bin.