Did you get any food gifts for the 2016 holidays?

I have yet to try the St-Germain, so my only impression thus far is the bottle is very attractive. It was gifted with a nice bottle of Prosecco with a suggestion to combine 1/3 flute of Germain with 2/3 Prosecco. Do you have any other suggestions for its use?

It was in fact RumChata that I received. This was gifted with the cinnamon whiskey with a suggestion of a 1/2 whiskey, 1/2 chata (apparently my friends are tired of seeing me drink Jameson’s or old-school manhattans). This I did try, but did not care for. I do like rum in its various incarnations–light, dark, spiced–but have never been a fan of creamy drinks.

I tried the whiskey on its own and it was ok: very cinnamony. It will probably be sipped on occasion in front of a fire during a winter storm.

I kind of never measure anything…! Probably one part vodka to one part st germain plus two parts seltzer, then tinker a bit. I really like the sweetness so if you don’t like sweet start with less.

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I’ve never had this cinnamon whiskey but I bet it would be great in a punch, a milk punch especially but maybe even better in a warm punch. Apparently this must be what your friends had in mind if they gave you a horchata liqueur as well.

3 nice bottles of Pinot Noir . They went bye bye New Years eve .

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Equal parts Fireball and Rumchata. Good stuff.

Got 3 bottles of nice wine from my boss (who belongs to some fancy wine club and gets great shipments from his wine dealer so he always gives me a bottle or two from his shipments).
Gift card to Starbucks from my office staff
A box of See’s Candies from a vendor
A big jar of assorted flavor ginger chew candies from another vendor, who I met for lunch recently and remembered I liked the restaurant’s strong ginger beer. Plus points to her.

I’m not a big fan of milky/creamy cocktails. I drink my coffee black; my whiskey neat and I have a whole closet of liqueurs meant for cocktails. The cinnamon whiskey is growing on me :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to some St-Germain cocktail recipes I put on the booze board.


Thanks JMF . . . I’ve bookmarked the site.

Not food, but I did get an Apex Edge Pro knife sharpening system for Christmas. I busted it out for the first time today and sharpened up a couple of older, not-particularly-nice knives (Chicago Cutlery, I believe - they sharpen well enough with a steel but don’t hold an edge AT ALL). WOW! Despite my amateur technique and the generally not-great quality of the material, they sharpened up very nicely. I used the chef’s knife to chop onions and garlic for dinner tonight and I’m pretty sure they are sharper now than the day I bought them. I can’t wait until I feel confident enough with my technique to sharpen all of my nicer knives.

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