Did anyone know Ray Liotta personally?

Sad he is gone. He was one of my favourite actors. Did anyone know him personally? Just asking.


I really only saw him in Goodfellas.
But shocked to see he’s gone.

I remember talking to my best friend after Goodfellas was out and we both agreed Ray Liotta would be an upcoming mega star in Hollywood.

It never really happened……


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Not me.

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No, but I did meet him once on the plane.

He looked so serious and imposing (just like in his mobster movies with those darting eyes), but when you talk to him he was so personable and friendly, it was almost a shock to the system.

May he rest in peace.


Loved his work as well as his riveting eyes - truly a premature loss. RIP.

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Great actor. Always looked like a real life Dr. Seuss character to me, tho.

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This is from a friend of mine from FB:

“When Article 99 was being filmed in Kansas City, MO Ray Liotta ate dinner at the Bristol Bar & Grill where I worked. He had the most beautiful intense eyes I have ever seen. I can’t believe he is dead, he was such an incredible actor. R.I.P.”