DFW airport food options [Dallas, DFW]


So, I’ll have a four hour layover in DFW and was wondering if anyone had any tips on what was good to eat there? I’ve got my eye on Salt Lick and Cousins BBQ; are the airport versions of these places good? I know that our SFO airport has an outpost of a locally famous dim sum place, Koi Palace, and it is not nearly as good as the original restaurant, and should be skipped. I’ll be in Terminal C. Thanks in advance for your help.

Just the nature of bbq makes in an unsuitable airport meal. Smoked elsewhere who knows when and transported to the airport who knows how long ago.

There’s a Pappasito’s, Pappadeaux and Shake shack in that terminal I believe. Any of those would be a good choice.


Unlike other barbecue, brisket travels very well. Standard treatment is to wrap cooked briskets in butcher paper and hold it for several hours in insulated containers before slicing it. That makes it possible to cook it off-site, drive it to the airport, and serve it hot and fresh. I’ve actually had brisket at DFW and AUS and it was good.

It doesn’t work with pork and ribs. The lobby airport with good pork barbecue is Birmingham, and they cook it on site. Still, it’s Jim N Nick’s, so performance is spotty.