Devra First: Here are 10 dishes I was thankful for in 2018 [Boston, MA]

The link (behind a paywall apparently).

The list:

  1. B&G OYSTERS: fried oysters

  2. THE BUFFALO JUMP: crudités with “aioli that tastes like sunshine”

  3. CELESTE: ceviche

  4. CHICKADEE: porchetta

  5. CULTIVAR: squid ink messinesi

  6. DAKZEN: khao soi

  7. HALEY.HENRY: smoked eels

  8. OASIS VEGAN VEGGIE PARLOR: everything plate

  9. PAMMY’S: mushroom bruschetta

  10. RABOTTINI’S PIZZA: “square” pies


There are photos. The porchetta at Chickadee (which I had never even heard of) is on my short-term hit list. Also the khao soi at Dakzen if I can be certain it has no hidden shellfish. Also the everything plate at Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor.

Thanks so much.
I have ten things to eat…