Detroit's take on the Craft Cocktail Movement...

I read this with a distinct raised eyebrow.

What’s the raised eyebrow about?

Sugar House is an amazing bar, fantastic cocktails, and if you have the cash, a chance to try some exceedingly rare and vintage spirits. And while the R&V spirits prices may seem high, there is actually not much in the way of markup for them.

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As you accurately stated, JMF: “if you have the cash.”

Personally, I’ve never met anyone here in my hometown that would be considered part of the target audience for Sugar House.

Then again, might just be the company I keep.

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Honest answer. I live in the NYC Metro area, and I find the prices listed at Bad Luck bar high, but I know what they are providing. I’m not their demographic in that regard myself. I don’t like paying insanely high prices, and don’t go to places where I have to pay those prices. (I do get invited to these places occasionally by the owners and bar managers.)

I read the article at about 3am, so I didn’t focus on it until just now, but they actually talk about several bars of the Detroit Optimist Society hospitality group (Sugar House, Wright & Co., Peterboro, Bad Luck Bar, Honest Johns) and they do provide a range of bars, pricing, and experience. I think the article is informative in that it states exactly what they provide at Bad Luck up front. A very high end and high cost experience.

I work in the cocktail and spirits industry, and do like great cocktails, and great cocktail bars, and R&V spirits. Detroit is developing a modern cocktail culture, and some of the new bars are in other parts of the price range.

I have had Sugar House recommended by industry friends I trust who have been there, with detailed descriptions of the laid back atmosphere and the high quality cocktails. They are setting the stage for the quality of cocktails for Detroit. The average price for a cocktail at Sugar House is $7-10, which I find very reasonable. They do have a page at the back of the menu which lists some R&V spirits, but those aren’t for everyone and they only sell a limited amount. You can see the menu and prices here. Just reading it I can tell they are executing a world class menu. I look forward to visiting in the next month or so, next time I am in Detroit.

Terrific reply here. Thank you.