Desserts at Hen and Heifer [Guilford, CT]

Former Parisian, former New Yorker, and former Chowhounder here, relocated to Connecticut. Recently rediscovered this forum.

A French Culinary Institute and Per Se alum opened a bakery in charming downtown Guilford some time ago.

Note that the date on the article is 2013. The offerings have since changed (there was not a croissant to be found on any of my visits). That being said, we have found this to be a reliable source of fabulous Salted Butter Caramel cream puffs, as well as other desserts, including a memorable Pina Colada cream puff.

There is also always an assortment of interesting pantry items in store, such as Mariage Freres teas, various sweets, both sweet and salty condiments, etc. I will forever be grateful for my discovery of Umikah Passion Fruit Curd through this shop.

There is limited seating inside and a nice, small patio outside where one can enjoy a cold drink in nice weather.

Their Instagram feed is both informative and incredibly tempting. Note their limited hours.


Welcome to HO! I’ll be sure to make a note of this place for the next time we get up that way.

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