Dessert overkill

My colossal loathing for, and the ice cream portion of, the current occupant of the White House notwithstanding, I thought it was overkill to accompany chocolate cream pie with ice cream at all. I’ve always lived in NY and MA, where pie a la mode means fruit pie with vanilla ice cream, though the flavor of the latter is often more special if it’s a fancy menu. I have never heard of serving ice cream with a custard, cream, or meringue pie. Is this common in other regions?

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Now that you have mentioned it… I don’t know why so many pies are served with ice cream? Isn’t the pie enough? Why do we need to add more calories?

In the olden days, ice cream was a way to add a creamy element to fruit pie. A rustic version of custard fruit tarts.

Similar to pouring cream over sugared strawberries.

Cream or meringue pie with ice cream is definitely not a thing in the Midwest. Meringue pies are by definition already topped! On a cream pie you might get a bit of whipped cream to gild the lily, but that’s it.

Quite honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone would want ice cream with a cream pie - the textures are totally incongruous and the coldness of the ice cream would probably chill the cream filling too much, making it flavorless and pasty. Then again, look at who we’re talking about.

I’ve wondered about this.
Pie w/ice cream says to me: go ahead, eat like a farm-hand. Only most of us don’t work like that anymore. If I put in an eight hour day hoeing a field I’d ask for ice cream too (and fall asleep with my face in the pie).

Re: OP: (High Cuisine) Crimes and Misdemeanors.


Well I love pie ala mode. Only fruit pie though. When the pie is warm & the ice cream melts into it is the best. I worked like a farm hand today but there no pie & no ice cream in the house… There is, however, chocolate cake. I guess I can make do.