DESPERATE HELP NEEDED!!......Decision in picking one last ' Michelin star Indian Restaurant with tasting menu '!

For our upcoming trip to London, in addition to savouring some great tasting, authentic curries and grilled meats at ‘casual’ Curry Houses ( choosing from Meraz, Sheba, Tayyabs, Lahore Kebab House…etc ). We would also like to try out a ’ Michelin Star Indian tasting menu ’ experience. BUT!! So many choices! My only criteria is that the food is NOT overly hot and spicy! ( as with most Southern Indian cooking ), but instead, a more refined and complex taste profile.! ( as with more Northerly part ) ).
Our narrowed down choices are Trishna, Gymkhana, Jamavar, Quilon and Amaya…they all come with recommendations from foodie friends. Any ONE stand out from the group? if so why?! Did I happen to leave out a ’ must eat '?!
Thanks in advance for your help!

Out of your choices I would go for Quilon. I have not been to any of them but my reasoning is as follows

  1. Longevity
  2. It’s Kerelan and so different to the other choices.
  3. It will be different to your casual choice (s)
  4. They do a tasting menu with accompanying beers, which they’ve actually thought about. Maybe not your thing but it’s an indication of an intent to be interesting.
  5. It has the most appealing menu to me.

Aside from the incorrect characterization / generalization of Northern vs Southern (and leaving out East, West, and the Middles) you can’t really go wrong in London for high-end Indian.

It’s more a question of what you want to eat. In your shoes, I’d look at the menus and yelp pics (not reviews) and choose based on what dishes appeal most.


My only experience of your shortlist is Trishna, although that was in 2015. I’m sure other starred restaurants will be of good quality but I can get good quality South Asian food here in the northwest (albeit not starred).

One of these days, I may get to Veeraswamy which, I understand, is London’s longest established Indian restaurant. When I was a young lad, my much older late cousin used to visit the capital on business and would often eat here. His stories of the food and the ambiance were just wonderful - we didnt have anything like that here, back in late 1960s. It’s only in very recent years that the Tyre Man has recognised their food (although in today’s British dining scene that may not have the kudos it once had).

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