Desktop version not refreshing (at all)

For the second time (first was a week or so ago), the desktop site will not reload - I just get the endless spinner. When I close and reopen, the page is blank. Tablet and mobile are fine. I’m on an HP laptop, Window 10, latest Firefox.

I just used a Dell laptop, Windows 10 and latest Firefox and I can load the page. When it didn’t load for you in Firefox/ Windows, did it load for you in e.g. Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge in Windows?

Alternatively, can you trying clearing the Firefox cache?


I had to clear the cache and the history and restart Firefox. But it works now. Thanks.

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Please let us know if you run into this issue in the future. Its odd that cache is causing problems but who knows what these technology does.

What’s especially odd is that Food Talk Central - which is built on what certainly looks like an identical platform to this one - has never had this issue. That I can recall - maybe it has.

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