Derbyshire - Ashbourne-ish - festive list - hits or miss ?

Hello folks

Christmas jaunt for a few days to Derbyshire planned. Place we are staying has suggested
the following

George at Alstonefield
The Old Dog Thorpe
Bowling Green Ashbourne
Lamplight Ashbourne
Whites Ashbourne

Any views on the above or alternative ideas ?
Ideally nowhere that will ‘Festive menu’ us or scowl too much at a scouse accent :slight_smile:

Thanks as ever in advance for your guidance and sage advice.

Don’t think I’ve ever been to Ashbourne.

I suspect you’re going to have to be the pathfinder for us all on this one, mate.

I think people like scousers. Although we would want watch out that you don’t nick our car. :grin:

Ouch. Let’s hope I get a decent table somewhere !

Nothing like a bit of stereotyping.

By the by, I recently did a short local history course about the development of Manchester’s middle classes. Very much centred on the distinction between "Manchester Men " and “Liverpool Gentlemen” in the early/mid 19th century. The latter obviously much more refined and cultured.

Obvs, as I believe they say these days !
On a related but unrelated topic am in Manchester for a gig next Saturday - near Oxford Road - anywhere you recommend to eat around there ? Will probably park at what I still call GMEX so the HOME zone is nearby though have never seen anywhere decent to eat round there. Any ideas ?

I call it GMEX as well (although I’m old enough to occasionally still call it Central Station).

AT HOME, you’ve got Indian Tiffin Room which is excellent and the newly opened “Wood”, also excellent but, I suspect, not right for this visit (more a “make an evening of it” gaff.

Alternatively, go into Albert Square. You’ll got the Albert Square Chophouse (fairly traditional but updated Brit food) and Tampopo (mini-chain doing East Asian stuff)