DePasquale's Sausage Company [Newton, MA]

I had not hit Depasquale’s in quite a long time but hit it Saturday to stock up on sausages and good canned tomatos and marinated whole artichokes from Italy and so on. They had a handmade sign about world-famous meatballs so I asked. He said he’s always made them but just started selling them and is having a hard time keeping them in stock because “no one wants to make them anymore but everyone loves eating them”. So naturally I had to buy some. They are large and come 8 in a package for $11.99. Had some of them last night. I would grade them above any others I have bought in a store and above quite a few I have had in restaurants. They are not quite as good as my own (personal preference admittedly) but I am very happy to have several meals worth in the freezer along with a stash of excellent sausages. I love this little market. If your heart is set on the meatballs though I would definitely call ahead and have them set some aside for you.


He’s right about the meatballs. I rarely make them anymore as they are quite time consuming. We enjoyed some meatballs from Bob’s recently. I will look forward to trying Depasquale’s version some time soon.

I also enjoy their sandwich shop (Depasquale’s At Night Caps Corner) if I’m in the area.

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Huh, the sandwich shop was not on my radar at all, that must have been what he meant when he said he’d always made them.

The sandwich shop is located a bit further west in Newton on River Street. It has been open for 2-3 years? Since it is relatively new, he may have meant they always made them at the original location. Either way, good stuff.

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I’m going to add DePasquale’s breakfast sausage to the list of things to try if you stop into their shop. They are excellent - patties, not links. They have only had them in their freezer case when I’ve gotten them but I do love them.

If you’re looking to try their sausage (Italian sweet or hot) Russo’s carries them too - though the shop isn’t that far from Russo’s if you have to to swing into both.


Oh, great to know about the meatballs for a quick meal, and the breakfast sausage. Wagon Wheel in Lexington also sells DePasquale’s sausages.

They have also opened a sandwich place in Watertown called Cugini’s Deli, but I haven’t tried it yet. They don’t seem to have pasta dishes like the Newton place, but otherwise the menus seem similar.

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I know this is late but I just wanted to correct some info. DePasquale’s Sausage owns DePasquale’s Deli on Adams street in The Lake just a minute away, this is what he meant by he has always made them. DePasquale’s Sausage does not own DePasquale’s at night caps corner or cugini’s. DePasquale’s Sausage sells his sausage to night caps and cuginis


Good info, thanks!