DePasquale's at Night Caps Corner (Newton, MA)

Made it over there a couple of times, once for takeout, the other dine-in (lunchtime). Initial impressionare are largely positive. The space is bright and new, with several small tables and a counter that looks out of what used to be an auto garage bay door (which looks like it still opens, so that might be fun in the summer.) There is limited parking on the lot, and more on the Lexington St. curb.

As far as the food goes, I had a Super Hot Italian, which was not very hot but pretty tasty, with high-quality ingredients. The bread was an old-school sub roll (in a good way). The second was a buffalo chicken wrap which was pretty standard. Although my sample size is small so far, the obvious comparison to draw (at least for sandwiches) is to Domenic’s. I would go out of my way for several Doms sandwiches, and DePasquale’s do not (so far) quite rise to that level. Doms also has their meal production streamlined and can keep up with orders even in a rush. By contrast, it took us a good 20 minutes to get a sandwich order through DePasquale’s on a Saturday before noon, with maybe 4 orders ahead of us. Part of this may be the newness of their operation, but part may be that their menu is much larger and some orders require cooking and prep steps, whereas a place like Doms is mainly just assembly. They are treading the line between a sit-down and takeout restaurant and will hopefully find the right balance there.

Looking forward to trying some of their other offerings (breakfast, other sandwiches, pasta entrees) and will report back.