[Denia & Alicante, Spain] Look Back in Hunger - or how to loose your abs in a week

Finally got the photos done. Check out a few things I ate on a quick trip to Costa Blanca. Video clip is 4min long, has sound. Watch it in full screen mode if you can.

Fab. Just fab. Thanks.

An ex-colleague of mine retired to live near Alicante. She was having a great time when we were last in contact.

Thanks, Harters. I really like Denia. It’s a small town not far from Alicante. Most people pass through it on the way to the Barearic islands but they don’t stay, at least not long. Would like to go back and rent a small flat with a kitchen so I could make my own food with the fabulous seafood from the area.

Alicante is a much bigger town, and a scruffy one. I had a nice time in both places. This is an almond growing area and of course almond is in many things, including savoury uses.

There was some problem with the upload and embedding this morning and I was in a great hurry to leave… Well, I uploaded the files again when I got back and everything seems to be fine now. When Sampson is around the links will be restored in the original post.

Direct link to the video clip should work again.

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