Delivery in San Francisco

Eater has a listicle about 12 restaurants that nail delivery. What are people’s experience with delivery from these restaurants, and would you recommend different places that aren’t on the list?

In agreement with the list, I have had good success with 4505 Meats and I’m very fond of Little Gem for lighter, but satisfying and interesting fare. I prefer Saap Ver for Thai over Lers Ros. It’s been a few years, but I had success with Mission Chinese depending on the items.

Neapolitan pizzas travel well?!

The Delivery only Young Fava, mentioned in the eater article, closed shop before I had time to post a positive review.

What are people’s experiences with the various delivery services? One out of every eight deliveries I’ve gotten through Uber eats has been canceled, without notification, more than an hour after I placed the order, and each time involved a nonresponsive Uber driver (we’ve been comped for the full re-order or given a future discount).

My experience with 4505 both delivery and otherwise (food in general) is pretty bad. I’d avoid them.

My recommendation for Tony’s delivery is their bucatini with calabrese though its heavy duty and kind of a guilty pleasure. The rotisserie chicken from Delfina also delivers better than their pizza.

I’ve ordered from just about all of these places and I still don’t get Mission Chinese, Tacko or Souvla. The only one that really stands out on that list is Lers Ros but than with overpriced services like Caviar where you get to choose from five hundred restaurants, I don’t get the point of that Eater list… how are these places better or worse than any others? From my experience, most of these places aren’t very good to begin with.