Delivery handling during cv outbreak

With many of us accepting at home orders and delivery…


My own observations: I’m continuing to get packages regularly, even in a “hot zone” area. Delivery people are not ringing the door bell or knocking. No real delays noticed. As for handling on my end, I open everything, recycle packaging, wipe down the items, if possible, and wash my hands. I then give the surface the package(s) were resting on a wipe with sanitizer.

We’re still ordering online. We received an email from Amazon that they are doing the best they can but can’t promise their usual fulfillment time. We expect two bags of kitty litter, a black toner cartridge, and a case of printer paper on Thursday. Tracking is working like usual with FedEx and UPS. The oral thermometer (we can’t find ours) shipping via USPS will get here when it gets here per USPS.

Still getting deliveries here, with a doorbell ring, which in my 20 years with Amazon, is a recent addition.

TP expected early May.

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Yes it is now advisable to disinfect the package and even mail before handling

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