Delivery handling during cv outbreak

With many of us accepting at home orders and delivery…


My own observations: I’m continuing to get packages regularly, even in a “hot zone” area. Delivery people are not ringing the door bell or knocking. No real delays noticed. As for handling on my end, I open everything, recycle packaging, wipe down the items, if possible, and wash my hands. I then give the surface the package(s) were resting on a wipe with sanitizer.

We’re still ordering online. We received an email from Amazon that they are doing the best they can but can’t promise their usual fulfillment time. We expect two bags of kitty litter, a black toner cartridge, and a case of printer paper on Thursday. Tracking is working like usual with FedEx and UPS. The oral thermometer (we can’t find ours) shipping via USPS will get here when it gets here per USPS.

Still getting deliveries here, with a doorbell ring, which in my 20 years with Amazon, is a recent addition.

TP expected early May.

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Yes it is now advisable to disinfect the package and even mail before handling

UberEats emailed about a new option: order through their app, then go pick up your food yourself.

Uh, NO! If I wanted/were able to go to the restaurant myself, I certainly wouldn’t order through an app that takes a chunk of the sale for itself. I’d actually CALL the place and order from a human being! UberEats delivery does have an option that allows me to pay an extra $2 that goes entirely to the restaurant, and I do that, so as to offset the cost to the restaurant of dispensing orders through an app.


What service are they providing with that? How is it better than just calling the restaurant?

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I call the small, local restaurants directly and tip generously. I hope (but do not expect) this will keep them open through this crisis.

UberEats, etc just siphon the profits from the restaurants.

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Well, sure, that’s a given. But at least if they bring your food to you, they’re doing something that you either don’t feel like doing, or can’t do, yourself. But ordering via Uber and ordering via the restaurant are the same thing, from the consumer standpoint. So why would anyone do it?

Agreed, but unfortunately many restaurants near us don’t offer delivery directly through the restaurant, only through UberEats or Doordash. I prefer to use Doordash when possible and tip in cash (which apparently allows the delivery person to earn a larger fee). I would love to cut out the middle man entirely but it seems that many restaurants have decided that it is better for them financially to use these delivery services rather than employ their own delivery staff. Makes sense. However, if I have to pick it up myself, I always call the restaurant directly - why pay a middle man in that case?

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I can’t see any advantage, unless calling the restaurant involves a major language problem.

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As a plus, they are not asking for signatures. The last delivery of cognac was dropped on the door step and the FedEx guy was walking back to his truck when I opened the door. As long as it was left at the right house, I’m good

The LA Times blocks ad blockers and I’m not going to let their malware in.

I’ve posted this article before: .

We have a number of local restaurants that offer contactless curbside pick-up. We’re good with that. Order over the phone, pay over the phone, food placed in our trunk, and we’re out of there. One previously favorite restaurant promised contactless curbside pickup but made my wife (who is high risk) go inside where there were a bunch of people. I wish she had just turned around and left - we could have protested to the credit card company. As it is we’ll never go back.

Third-party delivery companies are not okay with us. We have a couple of take-aways who meter people in and out with good distancing outside that are okay. A good double handful of contactless curbside. One pizza place with their own delivery staff we have used for years. In-person, in-store for groceries and warehouse store.