Delivery driver dips his balls in salsa

The world is getting crazier by the day…
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This reminds me of something that happened many years ago in the Dallas area. There was an Italian place that police officers frequented . One of the cooks was putting ‘bodily waste’ in the sauce. The news never got specific as to what kind. I lost track of the story after awhile, but I would think he got the book thrown at him.

I hope that salsa had a heck of a lot of capsaicin in it. What is wrong with these people?


A few questions

I’m not on Fb and never have been. Do they ever delete this kind of material or did someone catch this and make it public on another site? It might be a dumb question, but again, I have zero fb experience.

The guy is in the passenger seat right? So is someone driving him around to deliver food?

(I couldn’t bring my self to watch the link. I already had too horrid of an image in my head just from the description.)

Actually the thing is, the client tipped and got his food already, so you mean he kept the record and did it to his next delivery?

EXACTLY what I was thinking.

People like this astound me with their stupidity on a regular basis.

:rofl: Seriously. That makes one realize there probably needs to be a separate category of Darwin Award for “qualifying behavior not resulting in fatality”.:stuck_out_tongue:

Of all the physically-possible food versus body-part/bodily-function combinations imaginable, that one’s got to be among the top few on any list of “acts most likely to do the greatest potential harm to the malfeasor with the least potential detriment to the consumer”… :roll_eyes:


My guess is the customer paid online and left the tip on the credit card.

Interesting…this is why when I use one of the deliver services (DoorDash or GrubHub) that allows a tip online with your order, I always use 20%. Ordinarily I would prefer to tip the driver cash for obvious reasons, however I’m too afraid they will think I’m stiffing them if the tip isn’t part of the order and might decide some retribution is in order.

To answer your earlier question regarding FB - yes Facebook will on it’s own take down “offensive” material, this video however doesn’t show any “nudity” it “could” have been a joke so I’m not sure if FB would have taken it down on their own, but anyone who views it can report it as inappropriate and then it would automatically be taken down.

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