Delirama Berkeley

I am a big pastrami fan and have been wanting to try Delirama for a while now. Last time my husband and I tried going the line was insanely long. I finally had the chance to try it yesterday. I ordered the the “O.G” House pastrami, 1000 island, mustard, gruyere cheese, mustard vinaigrette coleslaw. It was greasy sweet and surprisingly bland. The bread was overly saturated with griddle grease. The 1000 island dressing was cloyingly sweet and there was far too much on the sandwich. The coleslaw was very sweet without any acid to balance the sweetness. A bit stingy with the amount of pastrami. About halfway through the sandwich I took off one of the greasier of the two pieces of bread and scraped off the coleslaw and dressing. That was an improvement. The pastrami itself was just ok, a bit under seasoned and bland. The pastrami was not as good as the romanian pastrami at Deliboard in SF or
Loveski in Napa.