delicious Israeli breakfasts at the Pleasantville Farmers Market

At the Pleasantville Farmers Market this winter, Aba’s (who makes fantastic falafel in the summer) is experimenting with other options. (They aren’t allowed to make falafel indoors–no frying.) They’re doing a very tasty vegan shakshuka with potato and other vegs instead of egg. And also this past Saturday they were serving sabich sandwiches as well, with really delicious fried eggplant, tahini, cabbage, and so on. They are very open to feedback and are willing to experiment with other ideas.

All I know is that I’m now eating two breakfasts on Saturday AMs. :slight_smile:
Pro tip for parking: Park in the lot off Ashland Ave near the tennis courts and avoid the crowds.

Sounds interesting and good, spa. Thanks for posting. Will have to take a ride up there…Does Aba’s have a storefront?

No, sadly. They have real jobs during the week and do this “for fun” on weekends.

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Thanks. Didn’t realize they did a winter market in Pleasantville. Good to know.

It’s at the Middle School. Small and crowded, with tables too close, in a small room. I personally didn’t like it. Smelled fishy and dirty, and this was five minutes after opening on the first day of the indoor market on 12/3/2016. I also thought all the items at all the vendors were priced too high. I have been a farmer and food business consultant, worked with 47 farms all over the East Coast, from Maryland to Maine, including this area. Just not impressed with the local, so called farmers markets.

But, even though very, very, expensive, Buddha Pesto makes a very good product. I picked up a few containers at the Pleasantville indoors market.

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I agree with JMF that the indoor market is not great. I try to avoid it but I need my beef and fish fix from Kiernan and Pura Vida so we go every few weeks. I plan to try the Ossining indoor market this winter. Didn’t get to it last year.

The Israeli breakfast sounds delicious though!

I’m not a fan of indoor markets either. The one in Mt. Kisco used to be at the Boys and Girls club. Very small, kind of dirty and the vendors were all over you. You could not just walk passed them without a schpiel

Oh, I remember that Mt Kisco market. I went exactly once! But I live in Pleasantville and am a big supporter of our market. Obviously the indoor version is never going to be like the outdoor, but I think of it as apples and oranges (sorry, bad food joke)–I enjoy visiting with the vendors every week, getting my hands on the fresh produce/fish/bread/cheese/etc (and yes, the pesto), and of course: the Israeli sandwiches. Curious about how the Ossining market compares.

Two thumbs up :grin:

I hear you about the prices of all the items. It definitely puts a damper on my buying. And Buddha Pesto - I agree - it’s so good, but way too expensive. It seems to go up a dollar every year. Sorry but for $9, that container of pesto should be a lot bigger! I once wrote to them last year asking them to post a coupon on their Facebook page. No response and too bad. :angry: I’ll continue to treat it like fancy caviar! LOL!

It is $9 now? Wow. I stopped buying it a few years ago. I can rationalize a lot of my farmers’ market purchases but Kirkland pesto is delicious and much cheaper.

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I’m sad to report that there will be no more of these breakfasts this winter. I guess it didn’t work out for them. So now it’s about waiting till spring, when the market moves back outside and Aba’s falafel will return.

It would be really helpful to include a little more location information when something like this is posted. Of course, if you are addressing an in crowd of nearby residents, you have achieved your goal. But people a bit further afield might want to check it out.

Fair enough. I guess I assumed that anyone who might be interested would know where it is. For the record:

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Actually when I tried the Buddha Pesto a few weeks ago I thought it was excessively oily. Half of the containers was olive oil. And now I am pissed that I bought several. Also the flavor wasn’'t as good as it used to be.

Seriously? if you never heard of Pleasantville then you don’t live in the area. But a quick google would have given you the markets website.

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I did google it and realized it’s not along any of my usual routes east and west. New York State has many small towns not immediately known to me.

Yikes - $9 for mostly oil is crazy. I think I’ll work up my nerve and finally tell the BuddhaPesto people to stop ripping us off.

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Market stall in Lima
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