Delicious Almond Cake for Eid

Have you guys noticed this trend of big food companies or restaurant chains sharing their recipes?

I’ve spent the whole month recreating my favorite dishes and I decided to share some of them with you.

Here is one for Almond Cake from Turkish Airlines made especially for Eid, because I really miss having this onboard.

Powdered Sugar
Egg yolks / Egg whites separated
Shredded almonds

Mix together, bake in the oven for an hour, and voila!

You can follow the ingredients and steps from the link below.

I just got mine out of the oven but I made the mistake of putting the temperature too high, but if you can manage to leave it at 140 degrees you’re in for a treat.


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Awesome! Thanks

Would a bit of almond extract work here?

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Would a bit of almond extract work here?

Since there’s such a small percentage of non-almond solid ingredients to begin with, wouldn’t that be gilding the lily?

The way I read it @MikeG, there’s not enough almond flavor.

Just out of curiosity, how high was your “too high” temperature? Especially with an oven thermometer, one can adjust the oven temperature to almost any setting, but 140° C is equivalent to an “in-between” temperature on ovens with dials marked in degrees Fahrenheit, usually in 25° increments, and I’m wondering whether it would be a better idea to shoot for 275° or 300°…

250 g of almonds to 70 g of flour+starch is “not enough”? I guess if you prefer a really strong flavor, a little extract couldn’t hurt, but I (myself) would try it as is first…

Not to my liking. Pure almond extract would make me happy. Just a touch…what can I tell ya.

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Around 160 degrees, I don’t mind it being a bit overcooked though. But That’s just my personal preference!

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