[Delamere, Cheshire] The Cafe at Delamere Forest

The Forest was established by the Earl of Chester in the late 11th century as an area for hunting. It remained in local ownership until 1812 when a change in the law brought it into Crown ownership. From 1924, it has been managed by the Forestry Commission. Its primary purpose is timber production but, true to its original status, it’s also been developed for recreation. Trails through the woods have been created for walking, cycling and horse riding. And it’s also a music venue – Texas, Noel Gallagher and Rag & Bone Man have concerts there in the coming weeks. We’d gone for a walk. Now that was nice with the sun poking through the tree canopy but still a bit chilly.

Lunch was in the café. It wasn’t that great and they do see you coming with the prices. Pizza Margherita was fine. No better but no worse than a decent branded one in the supermarket. It was more enjoyable than the burger which sat in a bun completely unadorned. Have you ever come across a burger that has absolutely, nothing else in the bun but the patty? And, yes, they might major on local suppliers and producers but I’d rather have a beef patty that had some flavour rather than knowing it was Cheshire beef. OK, there was a decent enough side salad and some skin-on fries. But this was not an enjoyable performance. You might call it the Rag & Bone Man of burgers.


Ugh, that would have irritated me even if the salad and fries were good.

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