Delage in Old Oakland, California

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My wife and I had dinner tonight in Delage, a restaurant a little hard to categorize. It offers a prix fixe tasting menu with two sushi courses and six Western/Japanese-inflected courses. The sushi was very good, and some of the other dishes were superb. Since the menu is said to change daily, I won’t describe the other dishes (a soup, a salad, a cooked fish, etc.). The wine list is very short, offering several sakes by the bottle and others by the glass. The room is small but not crowded; the service attentive and a little eager, but not disastrously so.

We eat occasionally at Benu and Coi, which both offer prix fixe tasting menus. We enjoy both very much (though since the change of chefs at Coi we are somewhat less inclined to go there often.) We were amused to note that the bill at Delage was less than 1/4 Coi, which has become a unit of currency in our house. (That is,for example, a new car costs 28 Coi.) Delage is in our neighborhood, so we will eat there often. We won’t abandon Benu or Coi, but I do wonder sometimes about the value factor in restaurants.

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We were there last night and, like you, really enjoyed it. The sushi quality was the highest Ive had in the east bay, and the price was reasonable. For cooked food in a similar price range I still prefer Iyasare, but we will be returning to Delage more often because it is in our neighborhood. Im hoping the sushi quality doesnt suffer when their consulting sushi chef moves on.

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