Del Frisco's Grille, Hoboken


Table Hopping With Rosie: With a view of the New York City skyline, friendly service and marvelous steaks, Del Frisco’s Grille in Hoboken offers a menu with something for everyone.

(Junior) #2

“Be forewarned that the room is large with high ceilings, and blaring music, which creates a noisy environment.”

When I saw this topic this was my first question. No matter how much I enjoyed the food and scenery in Manhattan, the noise is truly deafening. I can’t imagine why they would similarly design other locations with that problem, although since they are expanding it seems my, or our, opinion is in the minority’s.

I said food and scenery because in Manhattan Del Frisco’s seems to have broken the “old boys club” stereo type typical of most NYC steakhouses.