Dehydrating unripe grapes

Raisin-makers: I have a good amount of unripe grapes that either the critters knocked from the vines to the ground or that I myself knocked to the ground (urg!) while bagging them for protection from the critters. Do I need to trash them all? If I try to use them to make raisins will they be gross?

I guess other possibilities are to roast, or to jam.


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Interesting topic. I googled the question, and found this:

ETA: …and this:

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Thank you. I hate throwing things away, especially ones we put time and labor into. So if people think raisins or jam are a bad idea, I will give this a try. I love acidic things, so it seems like a good saving grace. Maybe for a chicken piccata type of thing.


So I wasn’t super jazzed about the verjus and decided to start with a jam. Just added a little water to get it going and some sugar. Then pushed it through a sieve to separate the skins out. Quite delicious! Much tarter than a typical jam which is fine. I like sweet sour. Not the prettiest color though. Sort of mossy looking. Was happy to have a solution and the critters seem to be leaving the remaining grapes alone now that they are bagged.

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