[Deganwy, North Wales] Ebb & Flow Restaurant

North Wales isn’t well endowed with good restaurants and even finding half-decent ones can be a bit of a struggle. We’ve eaten here before and it was OK then and it was OK now. A bit pricey for what it is but, as I say, options are limited and you sort of can’t blame them for taking advantage.

Ham hock terrine is almost a given on menus these days. It’s generally a good bet – usually tasty and almost impossible to mess up. This was fine. It needs something to cut through the fatty meat and here it’s a couple of thin slices of pickled carrot – it needed more of them. Smoked haddock and spring onion fritters were a bit of a disappointment. You’d expect them to be quite assertive flavours but it was all very restrained in flavour.

Herb crusted lamb loin was cooked perfectly to pink. It came with wilted chard, kale, potato dauphinoise and a slick of sauce. Good dish. Fillet steak was fine and had classic accompaniments of chips, mushrooms and a roast tomato. And a scattering of other diverse things – carrot, lentils and kale.

We didn’t fancy desserts, so just got the bill.