Dedicated pans or ‘one pan does it all’ in your home kitchen ?

I think with a few frypans, saute and their choice “non-stick” anyone should be all set.

I’m certainly not a one pan does it all type of guy though ;). I just received my 15th frypan last week (24cm de buyer Milady) and its pretty nice. I also ordered a new saucepan yesterday haha, but I was well within my right to do so here, as it was a long handled straight wall stainless saucepan, a first for me.

I like to have a good tool for a given job and because of that some of my pans have ended up having pretty niche uses or have just become second, third, fourth choices, as I like the others better in the most usual cooking tasks.


It’s specific pots and pans for specific tasks, so it can’t be just one


in an emergency, my 28 cm nanobond fry pan is a rescue pan. Not used regularly, but fills in masterfully.


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We also have a dedicated popcorn pot. A battered old Calphalon 5-qt that has become burnished (in a good way) from years of popcorn-making.


A hot-button topic in our house. Husband, who does not boil water, approached me several years ago with the statement/condemnation, “You have 17 frying pans! 17! and this is just at home, not counting our weekend place!” I took him on a one by one tour and explained that there were pans for very different purposes, like crepe pans and abelskiver pans and several that were dedicated to fish and shellfish, and, and, and. I still have 17 frying pans, and maybe have adopted a few more into the fold since then. He still doesn’t boil water. Nor has he recently counted pans of any category.


WoW - glad to see a person with more frying pans than I have.

I only have 16 frying pans and 9 sauter pans & rondeaus.

Must buy some more to keep up with you…just kidding.

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I have a wonderful tip. I have reached the capacity point of “one in, one out” in order to make space for anything new.

Find yourself a charity shop that would enjoy your “outs”. Treat yourself to pans that make your heart sing, and pass on others to appreciative new owners. We keep a box labeled “Cat People” in which I put things that I’ve lost interest in. It goes to kitten rescue. Your charity may vary. Enjoy!


World of Warcraft?

Nice! That reminds me of an exhibit at a CIA in Napa.


Nice exhibit! Love the wall of molds. Seeing so many things I would like in those images and a lot of items familiar from my childhood. Wish I could have kept kitchenware from my grandmother’s house. Not that I would be using them, but they are cool to look at and display.

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I have several metal and/or T-fal pots and pans; if I’m cooking on the stove top, I choose from these by size. I have six Corningware casseroles; if I’m microwaving, I choose one of these by size.

I’m not what you would call a gourmet cook.

The most talented cook team at my church never purchased a single piece of new cookware.

Maybe not a gourmet “pro,” but I’m betting you do just fine.

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