Decisions for March Paris Trip

I have an upcoming trip to Paris, and I’d appreciate your advice on my lunch and dinner plans. We’ll be coming from Copenhagen after stuffing ourselves silly, so my traveling companions have limited us to one big tasting menu in Paris. In addition, I’m looking for places with great food and a lively atmosphere, but not too loud or cramped. Also, it would be great if they are places where people can order light or heavy depending on how hungry they are.


  • Arrive in the afternoon
  • Dinner: Parcelles (I went for lunch when I was in Paris last and LOVED it. Is it as good for dinner?)


  • Lunch: Rigmarole (I was excited to see this has reopened - do I want to go here for lunch or for a weekend pizza dinner if both are available?)
  • Dinner: Bailotte? Franquette? Other?


  • Lunch: Mokonuts
  • Dinner: Granite or Table by Bruno or Vaisseau by Cachot or other? (I had a fantastic dinner at David Toutain the last time I was in town and hoping for something similar with a tasting menu that isn’t too stuffy/formal or overly complicated)


  • Lunch: Telescope Cafe Sandwiches?
  • Dinner: Rigamorle pizza? Gramme? Le Duc? Soca?

Thank you in advance! I will follow up with my reviews!

Hi @ReservedbySarah, I haven’t eaten lunch at Parcelles, but ate dinner there twice, and loved my dinners. You can choose what you want from the menu. Guessing the cooking is similar to lunch, but with perhaps an expanded menu (though the menu is not long).

I have not eaten at Le Rigmarole but am also excited to see it back (alas it is closed this week when I am in Paris). I would go for the lunch menu rather than the pizza, if it was me.

Had a fantastic meal at Granite last night (will post about it, but didn’t take pictures, except for the menu). As good as (if not better than) the meal I ate there a year ago. Highly recommend. I have not eaten at Table, but am hoping to when I am here in March, but I understand it is exceptional. Not that I necessarily have faith in such things, but it arrived 10th on the list of the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” last year, and I’m guessing that it is in a class of its own. I’m guessing it might not be “uncomplicated,” but I don’t think it would be stuffy/formal either. I don’t know Vaisseau, but I looked at it, and I didn’t find what I saw so appealing for the moment. It is just opening though, so I would keep an eye on it…

Hope you have a fantastic time, and keep us posted!

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Thank you very much! I’ll keep you posted!