DeCicco's Katonah (NYCT)

For anyone who has been waiting fort this opening, after many, many delays they are showing signs of life. The sign is up. the lights are on, and shelves are being stocked!!! I know, I’m stupidly excited about it!!:grin:

Thanks HO

Not stupid at all, Gwenn, it’s a fine store. Selection isn’t great for everyday items, S&S and Shoprite are still best for that, and prices are high, but quality is excellent. Meat and cheese and their Kitchen Sink cookies are good. I have to laugh at ACME’s cheese selection, both it and the store (in Rye and New Rochelle at least) are only a minor step up from A&P.

The Armonk DeCicco store is a very good one, while the Harrison one has too tight aisles and too rude managers and cashiers. I’ve now made it a practice to stop and check just outside the door, because far too many times I’ve been charged full price and not the sales price. And whichever DeCicco brother is in charge of Harrison has never, ever been repentant. Ever. I’ll have to try the one in Larchmont, when the crowds die down (if there are any).


Right. I definitely don’t go there for everyday items but the cheese shop. The meats. They even have some high end olive oils that are a good $5 cheaper than the local gourmet market. And I love their 80/20 chopmeat. It has a ton of flavor. They are very nice in Armonk and I love that store. Cross Rivsr is. To that great, but they are nice at least. I’m not sure which side of the family the Katonah store is on, but I’m hoping for the Armon side!!

I’d surprised if it’s the same side as the Armonk store, since they seem to have the larger stores and the Katonah space is not that large. Also, if you Google Decicco’s Katonah, it comes up with articles talking about “DeCicco’s Family Market”, while Armonk is “DeCicco & Sons”.

You’re right. It will not be related to Armonk. Which kind is Brewster?

Brewster and Armonk are the same owners. BTW the ads are different between the two chains, although I was once told at the Brewster store (which is a very nice store) that they would honor the other ad if I brought it in (which didn’t do me any good since I never expected them to be different so I didn’t have it with me).

BTW they’re apparently planning to build one in Somers at a new development at the intersection of 100 and 202. I was disappointed to see that it was them, because a town politician claimed that it would make the center a destination, which had me hoping for Trader Joe’s, but then I found older articles where DeCicco’s had been involved in an earlier presentation to the town board. I’d imagine that will also be a “family” store.

I love the Brewster store too, but I don’t get there often. I had heard about Somers but thought that was scrapped. We could use a TJ’s.

They are related…brothers

Primosprimos…I was there a couple of Sunday’s ago early afternoon and it was very quite.
The store is surprisingly small but really nicely laid out…very generously spaced aisles.
The manager working that day could not have been nicer… bonus was his terrific sense of humor

Nice pics, chowdom. Quiet on a Sunday? That’s good news, I’ll have to get there soon.

Thank you…

I’d forgotten about your pix!!! Nice. The store looks beautiful. Wish it were closer to me.

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Gwenn, if you’re close to Croton On Hudson, which I am not, they’ve just opened a beautiful looking Food Town. The owner/manager Noah posts pictures of the store and events there on Facebook. Would that grumpy pants DeCicco of Harrison were so customer friendly, even inauthentically.

Not really. I’m about 30 minutes away. If I’m ever in the area I’ll check it out, though.