DeCicco's - Eastchester

The newest DeCicco’s in their expanding empire opened today in Eastchester, formerly A&P (I think) and then acme. Much more convenient for me (this is very close), than Wegman’s - both equally impressive and pricey. Loads of employees to help direct traffic in the store and greet, so many, that the large clusters were more irritation than help, but that won’t last. I had noticed a counter for bbq, but that wasn’t operating yet. Supposedly a smoker tucked away and meals or meats by the pound. As an aside just off the Hutchinson River Parkway (exit 17?) near this location is a several year old modern house, my understanding it is owned by one of the older DeCicco’s. Business is good!

I love DeCiccos - Somers, though it’s is pricey.

IIRC, You’re a fan of the parlor also. I saw at the new DeCicco’s they had frozen pizza from the parlor. Unfortunately, while good, it was as expensive as a good sized fresh pie, from any local pizza shop.

Might be worth a trip to Eastchester to try it, at least! I wonder if they have it at DC in Somers. I’ll have to check. Thanks!

Before you make the trip,I was embarrassed to post the price - but it was $11.99 for I’m guessing was a 9 or 12 inch pie - of four slices. Also it had 4 chunks of fresh mozzarella, that had not even melted in the suggested cooking time. By the time it did melt, the bottom was too crisp. I cooked it on centre rack, if I did it again, I would raise the rack so the cheese would melt sooner, or put it on a baking sheet rather than directly on a rack.

Holy smoke! That’s an insane price! Thanks

Thanks for mentioning the price and the review. I figured it would be the same $9-10 that Shoprite charges for Wood & Fire pizzas. Sounds like I won’t bother going out of my way to get one.

I was told that they carry them in Millwood but not Somers at this time.

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As someone who needs their fix of good pizza, I think I’d rather make the effort to make a run to New Haven and bring home a few full- size pies and yes, even freeze them.

While I don’t go to New Haven, when I have good pizza I will usually take home an extra to freeze. I usually have a stash there!

DeCicco’s is much better than I thought it would be for such a small store (it must be about 1/5th the size of Wegman’s). It’s going to be part of my regular rotation which includes Fairway and H Mart (Fairway is not as bad as you have heard even if there are some problematic developments).

I went on a reconnaissance mission with the intention of not buying much. However, I ended up buying a fair amount including some of the Amy’s TV Dinners they seem to be out of everywhere else. I actually thought they had a better selection of produce than Wegmans (they had really good looking brussels sprouts which were tiny and hard). Thee prepared food looks pretty good too. (And the seafood dept also looked better than Wegmans. How is that possible?)

Wegman’s after all the hype (I’d never been to one) failed to impress after really studying it. Their prepared food prices are high, a lot of convenience cooking , which is good for a not very good cook (me) but you pay for that convenience. The bakery (which I don’t need) can also be pricey and not great- a tub of chocolate chip cookies $16, I’d have to be very sure they are good before buying. De Cicco’s had far more labels/brands to explore especially strong in all things Italian- You could probably try a different pasta every day for 6 months (no thanks). Plus it is much closer for me.

I still haven’t been there. Its kind of far and out of the way for me if I’m not going to be in the area.