Decent food near Dunwoody GA or Buckhead (Atlanta outskirts)

Hi, Georgia HOs (that’s what we call ourselves in NJ…)!

I’m going to be staying in Dunwoody over T-Day weekend and we’re all flying in ON Thanksgiving Day and will need dinner that night. All I’m seeing are chains, chains, chains in the Dunwoody/Perimeter area. Surely there are also a few privately-owned and decent places to eat? I know some may be closed for the holiday, but I’m willing to do the legwork to find out if you have some suggestions. We love good (REAL) Chinese food and Greek or Mediterranean would also be a hit; not a steakhouse crew.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations you can offer!

I just visit Atlanta once in awhile. Buford Hwy isn’t that far from Dunwoody. That road is known for the diversity and quality of ethnic food. Many of the places stay open late. Eater has a number of maps for Atlanta. This one is for Buford Hwy.

There once was a blogger who focused on Buford Hwy. He doesn’t seem to post much these days but the old info will give you a nice overview of the area. This links to his map.

Thanks VERY much! I’ll have time to seriously look at these tomorrow… I forgot that we once went to what was supposed to be a fantastic Szechuan restaurant over on Buford and we were a little disappointed. Then again, I’m probably spot spoiled living in NJ, where we have a ton of good Asian food!

OK Cafe and ask for Mel. If she’s still there it’s a trip and a half

Thanks for all of your ideas! In the end, my dad and I had one restaurant in common after doing our respective research: Man Chun Hong, which is at 5953 Buford Hwy in Doraville (less than 5 miles from Perimeter Center and a very easy ride).

A week later, I’m STILL thinking about the food we had there, and I’m a bit of a snob about Szechuan, so that speaks volumes! There were 8 of us, including a few teenagers who generally prefer more Americanized Chinese food, and even they said it was some of the best Chinese they’ve had. We ordered:

-Western Lake Beef Soup
-Hot and Sour Soup
-Szechuan wontons w/red oil (note: not sure if there was a language barrier, but in every other place I’ve ordered these, they’re small wontons floating in chili oil. Here they were a tureen of soup–and DELICIOUS.)
-Steamed pork dumplings

-Sizzling Black Pepper Chicken
-Szechuan Shredded Lamb Meat w/Cumin
-Baby bok choy with garlic sauce
-String Beans with minced pork

-General Tso’s Chicken
-Pork fried rice
-Mixed seafood with noodles

The last 3 were for the teenagers. :slight_smile:

If there was a ‘disappointing’ dish, it was the sizzling chicken, which was SWEET. To the point that someone wondered aloud if the chef mistakenly grabbed the sugar instead of corn starch. Doubtful; more likely it was that after eating so many other things with a high level of spice that it tasted sweeter than it was. So really not bad, but OMG THE LAMB. This is one of my go-to dishes and it was spectacular. Chock full of cilantro STEMS, which not only added flavor, but also texture and a visual bright green with the dark lamb. Just typing about it I’m wishing for more…

Everything else (including the steamed dumplings) was done beautifully. The Western Lake soup is known to me as West Lake Beef Chowder and it’s something I was introduced to by some HOs here in NJ. It’s wonderful, and while the rendition in GA was slightly different from the one I get locally (much less white pepper), it is still highly recommended.

Thanks again for your help! Do report if you get there!

Btw, we also took a ride to Your DeKalb Farmers Market, which was about 10 miles away. Unreal selection of everything and a fun food excursion if you have time! It was just a bit of torture to know I couldn’t shop and then go home and cook… :laughing: CASH or debit cards only.

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I didn’t suggest YDFM since it wasn’t in the area you mentioned but I’m so glad you got to see it.I stop by Your Dekalb Farmers Market anytime I’m near Atlanta! I bring coolers. Twenty years ago much of what they carry I couldn’t purchase locally. Even now they still have awsome prices and selection! They have always taken a check but that may have changed…Their cafeteria is quite good and the food reflects the varied ethnic backgrounds of the employees. I love that the bread is available in half loaves. And live fish and crabs, Added plus is this is the only place I’ve found that sells tuberose by the stem.

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It’s been a while since this thread was active, but I hope that there are some Atlanta HOs out there! I am heading for a conference in Dunwoody, and while I have been to Atlanta before, its only been downtown. Will be at the Crown Plaza Perimeter for almost 5 days, and it seems to be… near a mall? Any recommendations for decent places within a 15 walk or 5 minute uber?