Decent deli meat in Austin?


I need to get some deli meat by the pound for a build-your-own sandwich spread. Is there a place to get good luncheon meat? I’d love to get some nitrate free, moist, well-marbled, delicious pastrami or something similar. We don’t serve or eat pork, but anything beef, lamb/goat, turkey, or chicken would be nice. Please give the name of the place as well as the exact name of the suggested meat.

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This is my plan also for the Christmas Eve crowd. I will likely go to a large HEB. We have a premium deli here too at B&B Butchers but I don’t think they have a location in Austin. You could check out Central Market.

If I were you, I’d check out the catering options at Noble Sandwich Co, one of my favorite places in Austin. They might do a deli tray, although they are heavy on the pork products. They also do chicken, duck, turkey, pastrami and roast beef though. All their meats are made in house so I doubt they have nitrates but I can’t say for sure. Worth a phone call.


I tried the Carnegie Deli brand pastrami from Central Market and it was so salty and nitrate laden. I also tried their inhouse Wagyu and it was mealy and insipid. :frowning:

I’m actually trying out this guy’s faux pastrami recipe as I type. I’ll let you know how it goes. He is using a point end corn beef and I could only find the flat end (it was also Reuben’s brand) at my HEB. I hate flat end brisket. But I’m hoping the recipe comes out well anyway. That would be awesome if it did.


I actually ended up ordering from Katz’s delicatessen in NYC. They have free shipping on $100+ orders. I followed their re-heating instructions and it was GORGEOUS. Absolutely delicious.

I recently drove out to Pieous and tried their in-house pastrami. It’s no Katz’s, but it was pretty good. It must be properly brined, but it still had a bit of a TX brisket character to it.

I also tried making my own faux pastrami from Reuben’s corned beef, like in the link above. It was just okay. I probably won’t do that again. I actually had HEB order me the Reuben’s point end for that. They usually keep the Classic Flat on the shelf. I love HEB!


The next time you’re in Houston, pop into Kenny & Ziggy’s and wander over to the deli counter and pick you up a pound or so of their pastrami.

Ain’t cheap but worth every penny.

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