Decanter dryer.

I’ve always admired an ancient ancestor of mine’s dryer, but never seen one for sale that I like, so I made this last year. I have no doubt it will be shortlisted for this year’s Design Council awards.


Far more elegant than mine…I used to use an old wooden paper towel holder with an old cork screwed onto the thread where the final used to be.

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interesting! why the lightbulb?

That looks like the glass cork sitting in a small silver-plated cup for safe-keeping while the decanter dries.

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It is indeed the stopper. The egg cup is part of a modest silver plated set I was given at my christening. The very first use I have found for it in 61 years!


Our decanter has no cap or stopper, as is for wine being served immediately. :woman_facepalming:t3:
Cute egg cup.

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I dry with a hair drier.

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I do a final rinse with Everclear 95%. Dries in no time, and leaves no residue.