Deal Lake Bar + Co, Loch Arbor

I live within walking distance and have now been a few times for drinks and dinner on the deck… drinks have been excellent, service has been decent, and as one friend who has been there far more than I have said, “it seems like they’ve finally figured out what to be after a slightly bumpy start.”
I had a very tasty turkey burger and on another occasion, their regular burger with cheddar. My biggest complaint is about their shoestring fries. They don’t stay hot, even if you ask them for a bit well done (my trick for getting them ‘fresher’ out of the fryer anywhere)–and frankly, shoestring fries just ‘feel’ cheap to me. If I’m not a drive-thru, I expect a more substantial french fry.
Anyone else been? What have you had?


Waiting for locals summer to begin. Looking forward to trying.


I’ve been twice. Service was great and I like the new atmosphere.
First time I had Avocado Toast with egg on top. Very tasty but the 9 grain toast was a little hard to cut through.
Next time I had a Caesar Salad with seared Tuna Steak. The Tuna was outstanding. I wish they offered the tuna as an entree.
Shared some appetizers . Liked both. Blistered Shishito peppers and Calamari . Sauces with Calamari were good.


We have been numerous times, sitting outside, inside, at the bar. Food is ok nothing great, service has been hit or miss, sometimes being downright awful.

The rotisserie chicken was good once, every other time I order it, it is dry to very dry. Brussel sprout are good.
My wife gets the kids burger since it is only one patty, which she says has been consistently good.

I like the drinks, especially the wicked wolf, which did not appear to make the new menu, the old fashioned is good and my wife loves the juicy Lucy.

I never thought I would say I missed Mcgillicuddys, but their nachos were much better and prime rib night was great.


I completely forgot to mention the brussels sprouts! I agree-those were delicious… We shared a side order and it was a very healthy portion of them! I was really hoping for some above average food, but I’m still happy to have a local place within walking distance With a decent atmosphere and good drinks!

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And of course we are going there again this evening, lol.


Went there for lunch in a group of 4. Very nice outside deck and everyone enjoyed their meal.

Ok went last night, sat outside, nice evening for it. Wife got the cheese steak which she liked, I had the wagyu burger stuffed with brie and they now have gluten free buns which is nice. Burger was good.

Our friends had the fish sandwich and they really liked it.

Old fashioned was good as usual so this visit all was good. Maybe I should just stay away from rotisserie chicken.

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I’m a fan of the Paper Plane… :blush:

Ooh, I see the Paper Plane is made with Penelope bourbon. I just polished off a bottle. Pretty good stuff at the price point.

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Popped in for some drinks and apps. On a Sunday afternoon, had a good crowd (inside and out) for football games. Drinks were good, food was just okay. Had the aforementioned Paper Plane and Old Fashioned (both good) and the wife the Jungle Juice (seemed like a white sangria) also good. An order of brussel sprouts was tasty, but the bavarian pretzel was dry and the rotisserie chicken nachos were kind of wet and not to our liking. Place has a good vibe and drinks, so will probably return even though the menu didn’t really speak to me.

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I wish the food was better, it won’t stop us from going there but had high hopes when they took this place over.
I agree about the nachos, I never thought I would say I missed the nachos from Mcgillicuddys but I do

Yeah, the food is an ongoing disappointment.

This seems to be the consensus. I had higher hopes, But my assumption is that the locals will keep it going.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold