DC Area's Best BBQ

On Sunday. at the close of a weekend to incredibly screwed up schedule, I did a second trip to The Pit Stop because I owed them a True Cue window sticker, and tried their pork while I was there. They cook it over direct heat, and you can taste the difference. Wow! This is the best pork in the area. The ribs are very good, too.
Fortunately, I was too early for the fried sausage, and that seductive huge piece of cake was gone and I forgot about the banana pudding.
I was so proud of my virtue that I drive out to Gilbert’s Corner and gave Arno’s a try. Swoon. A post is up on the Pit Stop. https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2023/09/20/the-pit-stop-sterling-virginia/
Tip – go to Sterling for the barbecue to avoid the line, then go to Gilbert’s Corner for the pastries, etc.


John, amazing post on Pit Stop. You have guaranteed I will be getting to Sterling posthaste. And thanks for the tip on the sweet rib sauce. I’m not a fan of sweet cue either.

Also: can you please put me in contact with your SoPo correspondent? My brothers and some friends are Mainiacs (at least in the summer) and SoPo is one of our favorite eating towns.

Finally, glad you enjoyed Arno’s. His wares are fabulous and he is a great guy.

Bob, Well, they aren’t really correspondents, just friends who moved to Maine when they became grandparents. They send stuff now and then that I turn into a post. Jon and Nancy Breul – you can search them in my blog, or search Maine and you’ll find them and a bunch of posts I did when we went up there to visit them. Lots of good places there.
Send me your contact information and I’ll pass it on.
I’m glad you like the Pit Stop post.

Thanks John — pm coming!

100%, not 1005