Day trip to OEC Brewing, Oxford CT

Just got home from an outing to Connecticut to visit OEC Brewing, a small craft brewery specializing in sour beers. They also have a tiny bakery where they bake breads using wild yeast, various ancient grains and byproducts from their brewing.

In addition to their own products, they also have a handful of “guest” beers on tap available for tasting. We did a flight of their house brews, which was quite reasonably priced IMO (six 4oz. pours for around $15), then tried a couple of their other beers that weren’t available in the tasting size (both $5 for 8 oz) and a sample of mead from a guest brewery. All of their beers are sour, which was right up my alley - the only one I didn’t care for was a dry-hopped saison that tasted a bit too much like an IPA for my taste. Unfortunately, my favorite one was nearly sold out for the season - they tapped their last keg of it today, and there were no bottles to bring home!

The breads were quite rustic, with thick, crisp crusts. My favorite was an earthy loaf made with one of their sour ales, which had quite a tang. We ordered a bread/cheese/meat platter which included one slice of each of three breads, some delicious cultured butter, about an ounce of cheese and maybe a half ounce of coppa - all good, but VERY small portions even for the seemingly reasonable $7.50 price tag.

Anyway, the weather was terrible today so we sat inside, where they have a bunch of long communal tables where they encourage you to hang out and play cards or board games. They also have an outdoor seating area that looked nice, as well as some outdoor games (cornhole, bocce). It’s a bit of a haul for us and in the middle of nowhere, but well worth the drive if you like sour beers!

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Great review - sounds like a fun rainy day out! I know you said it was from a guest brewery, but how was the mead? (I’m more of a sweet fan)

The mead was nice, strong honey/floral flavor profile. It was far too sweet for my taste, though, so I ended up mixing it with one of the strong sour beers to make a sweet-tart cocktail of sorts. I don’t remember the name of the mead, but they apparently rotate the “guest” mead selections as well as the beers, so you’d probably get something different on a different day in any case.

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OEC is great. We’ve been meaning to get back up there. They have some nice walking trails nearby too.

Sounds like a new plan for us! Always looking for a new day trip!!

Check their website before you go - they apparently do special events and classes from time to time, but they get booked up early. They were advertising a mixology class in June (using sour beers in cocktails) but it was already sold out as of yesterday.

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Looks interesting! Last time I drove back from Boston to NY I stopped at TreeHouse Brewery (in MA), which has excellent beers that can only be bought on-site … I’ll need to add OEC to my itinerary for the next trip.