david’s cookies.

free link to david liederman’s (founder of david’s cookies)

such fond memories of sitting in harvard square with a friend, both of us with knees spread wide, trying to eat an ice cream sandwich between 2 chocolate chunk cookies without wearing it.

david liederman


An amazing life he had! And I remember those cookies…they were a revelation at the time.

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…studded with irregular pieces of dark Swiss chocolate-quote

I think he had a big hand in making those irregular chocolate pieces avail to home bakers.

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Wow. I did not know his story. I did know his cookies - which were properly legendary.

These cooking lawyers … whatcha gonna do? :wink:

That is quite a story and the many twists and turns of his life. Even though his cookies aren’t up to his standards as when he ran the company (according to his tastes), I still think they are a pretty good cookie compared to other larger retail cookies.