David R. Chan on Boston's evolving Chinese food scene

new piece on menuism by David Chan, talking about Boston area Chinese food with special attention paid to Quincy and Malden. The Malden places mentioned intrigue me–have really only been to Fuloon. Since I’m weekending in Medford a lot recently and tend to go to the 88 a lot anyhow, I may try out a couple of these places and report back. Don’t know anything about most of what he mentions there. Any tips appreciated!

Curious about opinions: is Fuloon in Malden better than Chilli Garden in Medford for Sichuan?

I confess that I haven’t been to Fuloon for a couple of years, but when I went I liked it better than the Chili Garden meal I had a couple of weeks ago. (which was quite good!) But I haven’t been recently…

Thanks for sharing. What a studiously written piece!

The good thing is that @chandavkl is right here.


Nice article. Dont forget the Taiwanese places in Allston and Newton :wink:

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