David Chang's ANDO (food delivery service, Midtown East)

…anyone tried this service yet? If so, what item(s) have you ordered and loved? TIA.

Good talk.
So…I used the service for lunch today (they were handing out $15 coupons at Grand Central this morning) and I was impressed. Both of the items I ordered - egg rolls and cart-style chicken and rice - arrived shockingly warm, fresh, and really delicious.
Def would recommend.

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I’ve tried a few things from Maple, which was the first delivery app chang was involved with, the menu changes daily but the standard tofu soba dish is great. I’m veg and have looked at ando a number of times but their vegetarian options are really limited so far

I was really impressed by Ando, but totally hear you on the veg thing. That being said, the mapo tofu dish looks awesome.
I still haven’t tried Maple and didn’t realize he was involved - is he still, or is Ando is solo venture? What else do you enjoy from Maple?

Well maple changes all the time! Which is good and bad, but the one i like they always have. The daily offerings always include a creative not crazy spicy vegetarian or vegan choice which i appreciate- i cant handle the apice of mapo tofu and i’ve made too many meals out of side dishes to do that by choice…

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Totally hear you! Good to know about Maple - didn’t realize they change it up.