Dave's Hot Dogs Howell NJ

It’s been a month since I first reported about seeing this place located inside Howell Lanes bowling alley. I never could let things go, so I had to try them.

I got there right about noon so I just barely got to see them cooking up a couple of breakfast sandwiches on kaiser rolls. One sandwich had pork roll and at least two other meats on it!

I just don’t eat like I used to, so I only had one dog. I chose the Tijuana Hottie that came with jalapeno, chili, and cheese. They were really busy so I wasn’t able to talk with the guys there and I have no idea what brand of hot dog they use. All I know is that this is one tasty dog. I look forward to trying more things on their menu.


I live nearby and would happily meet up with any Hos who’d like to grab a dog one day.


Menu looks good and prices are really reasonable!! Except how can a sauce be 75c??!?!?!

Was it natural casing? Have you been to the hot dog joint at Keansburg? That place is my local fave.

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Do they encourage non-bowlers to stop in to eat? I was a semi-serious bowler at one point (on my college team and took 2nd place in Bergen County championships one year) and never saw any alley that had anything other than a snack bar to service people who were there to bowl. But I guess times may have changed.


I haven’t seen anyone bowling there yet, but lots of customers for Dave’s


So another “Dave” talked me into joining him for lunch today at Dave’s Famous Hot Dogs. He had a chili dog and I tried the ole Jersey staple Italian hot dog. Dave seemed to enjoy his based upon the smile he exhibited between the two bites it took him to devour his hot dog, mine too was very good.

Notably it seems most of their dogs are dirty water but the Italian was fried, also was served with potato wedge chips vs fries. The peppers and onions were grilled to order and it was served on proper pizza bread, with 2 hot dogs. It was a decent dog, the roll was proper but maybe a day old, not stale but just slightly spongy, also I would order extra peppers and onions next time.

I’m not one to go very far out of the way for a hot dog, but this place seems to be good. If hot dogs are your thing it’s worth a try, clean and attentive staff and I poked my head into the alley and half dozen lanes were occupied. Cool little joint. (Adjoins the bar too for a cold brew with your dog)


Some guy wearing a fake nose, mustache, and glasses talked me into another round of Dave’s today.

I still don’t know if it is a natural casing, but I think so.

I had another dog with their homemade chili - the hot dog topping kind made from mostly beef. I liked it so much that I bought a pint of it to take home.

Like many other places these days they are understaffed, but the one guy working was efficient and nice to boot. Definitely worth a stop.


Did he land from a flying saucer and threaten to probe you too? What kind of weirdos do you hang out with?


Since I can’t eat hot dogs every day anymore …

I boiled up a mess of beans and then mixed the all meat chili from Dave’s in. I finished off my plate with too much sharp cheddar that I melted over the beans and chili. Good, healthier eats!