Daughter is home, and we're doing Chopped memes!

21 “Chopped” Memes That Are So Good, They’d Make It To The Dessert Round

Chopped Bingo

I clicked on a few options Looks like something I would enjoy playing but how? Especially the Scott Conant raw onion option.

I clicked on a few options but it just flipped over to new pages. I’m not gadget oriented ok but I love Chopped and would love to plsy😊

I’ll have to try to figure it out. We just read and laughed! :blush: Low bar here!

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Still haven’t researched thoroughly, but thinking you print some of the bingo cards, watch an episode, and put a chip on your card when the meme happens! Maybe you win in the usual bingo fashion! Diagonal, up and down, etc.

Chopped Bingo! I made a Bingo game for watching chopped. I’d seen this drinking game, but we don’t drink, and thought bingo would be a good alternative. I’ve made 5 different cards, so you can play with your friends and/or family! Enjoy

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My coworker loves Chopped. He would love those bingo cards :laughing: