Date Night Spots (No Seafood!) [Boston MA]

Hey gang -

Looking for recommendations in and around Boston (preferably not too far North of Boston thought since we’re in the Canton area) for a nice, romantic date with the wife

Natural wines would be a nice, added bonus but ultimately looking for a nice, fancy meal. We were leaving towards something like Season to Taste but they’re temporarily closed. We’d also like to avoid steakhouses since we’ve done that quite a few times previously.

Some of our favorite spots we’ve gone to over the years include Bondir, Eastern Standard (RIP to both), Silvertone, Gaslight (RIP), Marliave, (RIP) and many others like Sweet Cheeks, Publick House, Fox & The Knife, 75 Chestnut, Myers + Chang, No. 9 Park and many others.

Ultimately looking for something that we haven’t been to as well -


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We have had a couple of very nice dinners at SRV

Also fans of small plates, especially Sarma in Somerville.


@JeremyK You and I like the same places/vibe. I’ll ruminate when I am free and I will get back to you.

BTW, If we lived Canton, we’d be at Northern Spy all the time.

Word. Look forward to your thoughts

Northern Spy is good - but never great. It always just seems to miss the mark for us. We’ve been there a bunch. I don’t know what it is. However I will say this: they have the best patio, hands down. Haven’t found a better one anywhere. Incredibly spaced out and awesome

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Noted on SVR, that was one of my considerations, and glad to hear you had some good dinners there - that helps me validate that

I was going to suggest Judy’s Bay in the former Bondir space for a full-circle thing-y. It leans towards seafood but not exclusively. I haven’t been there and frankly, I’m probably not qualified to make any suggestions because I don’t eat anywhere except pubs these days. :frowning: I think got too excited by seeing you mention so many restaurants that I used to frequent in my yoot.

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Maybe La Brasa in Somerville? I think of their wood fired cooking as being excellent for non-seafood options.


Two possible suggestions could be Tallula and Catalyst. Tallula had pre-covid a nice 5/6-course tasting menu which they don’t seem to have currently but in our experience you can often just connect with the chef and ask them to put onr together and their food was very good

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Sycamore in Newton is one of our date night spots. (The others are weighted toward seafood.) If you liked Eastern Standard Kitchen you might like Branch Line in Watertown. Rumor has it that Garrett Harker is returning with a couple of new spots.


Lots of great suggestions from people in these posts.

Love Sycamore, love Catalyst, and Branch Line as well. Because of the “I want to try something new” requirement, here’s my shortlist of considerations so far:

Little Donkey
La Brasa

No decision has been made yet but appreciate all of the great thoughts and recos!


We had a really good dinner at Little Donkey, it can be loud but the food was excellent.
Reviewed it here:

The menu changes often, which is good IMHO, and its on our short list to return to, if we can ever get ourselves past Sarma.


If Cambridge isn’t too far, we like Urban Hearth for special occasions. Also, Forage - really interesting wine things going on there.


Little Donkey IS a lot of fun but I don’t know what @JeremyK’s idea of “romantic” is. Little Donkey, at least when we last went 2-3 (?) years ago, is loud and lively, maybe not stereotypically romantic, but I’m the last person to ask about that…when I first read the post, I thought to myself, “hell, ‘romantic’ to me used to mean sitting at the bar of a non-pub while watching a Sox game.”


Check out today’s Globe, 10 new places reviewed by Devra First.
They all looked good, a few might be considered Date Night material.

I don’t lean into romance too heavily; don’t really care for quiet/intimate. Fun sounds way better :slight_smile:

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Romantic sounding !

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Totally agree. Have not had time to post about it here, but their Tuesday wine-paired dinners are winners.

For a cozy, decidedly non-trendy place with great wine, I love Washington Sq Tavern in Brookline. Haven’t been in what feels like ages, but I always felt like an adult when I used to go.

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La Bodega in Watertown. Love the train car space, and the food is great. If you like duck, call in and pre-order the duck (2 days notice required).

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Oh! So you can get the famous duck they had at Salts with pre ordering! I always regretted not experiencing Salts, so this is great news for me. Thank you!