Dash [San Mateo, Downtown]

A little place that I really like is Dash in San Mateo downtown. They have a number of old standbys and inventive small Japanese and Asian inspired plates that are usually fun, more often than not.

On a recent visit , we had … Tuna “tacos” - lovely crunch, perfect acidity and finely chopped tuna, good old Agedashi Tofu, salmon skin salad with great texture and dressing, chicken karaage with a spicy mayo, and finally a roll with salmon and avocado. Sublime food with great service.


Thanks for the post. i always think San Mateo should do better for food Sure, there is ramen, and a few izakaya, and the yakitori place i like, but far more average restaurants than very good restaurants. That is, kokko and ginji. i tried the momo place and it was fun for a late night snack but not great. there was a thai pillipino place upstairs across from the movie theater with cocktails, but it was only ok. i don’t like the wursthall, crowded and prices! would like it if i put aside those issues.

i will put dash on the list and report back!

Anything else you like?

Hey Brian,

I used to love Viognier for classy drinks (bacon wash bourbon manhattans, anyone?) and thoughtful bites. Alas, now no more.

I like Himawari for Ramen, Sushi Sam’s only at the counter, Sichaun Chong Qing for their lovely large stews with tons of ma la. Also, love Porterhouse for aged steaks and proper martinis. I am grateful I don’t have to trek to Harris’ in the city for excellent steak that I don’t want to cook/grill myself. Pausa has unpretentious and excellent varied Italian food, almost to the level of A16 (in the Nate Appleman era) and SPQR in its’ early avatar.

You’ve mentioned Ginji, that is one of the best places in the Bay Area, period. Binchotan and a proper yakitori including gizzard and heart, even better than Kokko, IMHO.

To me, these are the standouts that come to mind in San Mateo. I will keep adding places as I recall them.

yes, i didn’t mention himawari but that is my favorite of the ramen shops, and usually not deathly crowded. I have never gotten sushi sams line system worked out but of course the bar is great, haven’t been for a decade. how do you not wait in line for half an hour?

If sichuan chong king is the one in rhe little ihop style place, i had a great meal there but we have da sichuan in palo alto, and even crouching tiger in rwc. not as good, but good enough and so easy with online order and pickup at the back door. we never go out for steak but a proper martini can be a draw, and have noted your italian rave.

i like kokko for the atmosphere, but if course concur ginji is better. i sent an aunt there recently, she basically had three hungry hours near the airport, and of course it was a hit. I have been to yakitori row in the ginza, so feel i have a basis of comparison. in that direction, i am also fond of sumika in los altos, which is almost equidistant from where i live.