[Dartford, Kent, UK] Lunch/dinner recommendations

Hello! Does anyone have any recommendations for lunch and/or dinner in Dartford? I have no strong preference for style of cuisine, just something a bit more interesting than a sandwich in a cafe or a microwaved meal in a pub.

I made my Dartford trip yesterday. In the absence of any better ideas (despite a fair bit of websearching and looking on Streetview) I ended up having a fishfinger sandwich in the Ivy Leaf pub. This was above-average for a cheapish (£4) pub sandwich; they’d put some melty cheese in the sandwich, which worked well, and the salad on the side was made with care (they’d even peeled the cucumber). Photo here. Nice pub in general, too — friendly service, wood-burning stove, generally nice space.

I’ll probably be going back to Dartford at some point, so am still interested in any other suggestions.

I’d say you definitely got your £4’s worth.


I should also mention that I spotted a cafe called New York Deli at 6 Market Place, which has a potentially interesting (for the area) sandwich menu including salt beef.