D'Artagnan flash sale .... time sensitive

Some interesting items for those who fancy D’Artagnan


Another one today

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You have any recommendations? Even with the 40% off, those prices are killing me.

8oz. of duck bacon is $15. That’s do-able. Definitely can’t find duck bacon at Wallyworld.

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I post the link primarily for those posters who live in areas where these types of products are not available, or who are fans and would jump on a sale item

That would be me. :slight_smile:
I was wondering what product would be worth splurging? I’m eyeing that Berkshire Pork Belly, is it worth $75?

“Duck bacon” looks like cured duck breast. You can make it yourself. Look up “cured duck breast”, lots of recipes online.

I make it several times a year, both duck and goose. Super easy.

Interesting. I’ll take a gander. :rofl:

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I tried ordering pheasants and fresh quail, but the site lost my basket twice as I was browsing other items. Oh, well. I guess I’ll shop locally.

Me too.

Bookwich and Smokeydoke
No good deed goes unpunished
I will contact customer service tomorrow to find out what is up with their online ordering !
Apologies for wasting your time,

No need to apologize! It was very nice of you to share t information.

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^^ What Bookwich says above. :sunglasses:

Regarding the duck breast, now I’m not sure if it’s what I make. On their site it’s uncured. What I make is salt-cured and air-dried.

Btw, anything Berkshire pork is gooooooood! It’s so hard to come by anywhere.





This one I brought back from Hungary.

Home-cured, 2 and 3 weeks.



My sentiments exactly.

Bookwich Smokeydoke
I messaged both of you