Dare or not? Elephant Dung Gin

A South African Couple Has Turned Elephant Dung Into Award-Winning Gin.

Liquor stores and restaurants across South Africa and now Europe are selling out of their Indlovu Gin, Zulu for “elephant.” Skeptics may pooh-pooh what comes across as a novelty item, but tasters far and wide are praising a uniquely smoky, woody, earthy flavor that comes from the unlikeliest of ingredients.

Sounds a bit like Kopi Luwak, which I have drunk.

Kopi Luwak is undigested defecated coffee beans, so the taste should be more even between each civets? If I understand correctly, the elephants can roam around and eat what they want. I think the difference in each batch can be quite big.

Well, at first I thought no way in hell would I drink that; however, I like Argan oil, which is expectorated or defecated Argan nuts, as I’m sure you know. Soooo, loving gin like I do, would probably be willing to give it a try.

Good point @naf about the batches having possibly wide taste variations, due to the elephants’ “free range diets”

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