dan tat in the Avenues/Richmond/Sunset neighborhoods

As my range of foraging shrinks, I am discovering new haunts. I’ve bypassed Golden Chariot Bakery & Restaurant at 3308 Balboa on my way to Jook Time often. This time I stopped for a dan tat, coconut bun, and a pineapple bun - all very fresh. At 9:30 am - the tables were mostly filled - it looks like the men’s club of the neighborhood.

The dan tat is smaller than what I recall of the heyday of the Golden Gate Bakery dan tat in Chinatown; not hot from the oven, the crust is flaky and the custard is smooth - just rich enough to be satisfyingly delicious and not overly sweet. I think it’s a winner and there is no line/no wait. Their red bean paste bun is my next ‘to taste’…also, the sponge cake.

There are similar enclaves of gentlemen at Lung Fung Bakery, where I shop for baked char siu bao at 1823 Clement Street.
Cafe Bakery is on the other side of town at 1365 Noriega - another destination for the baked pork bun and dan tats.

Would a Bakery thread be helpful?

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We frequent Alex Bakery at 431 Clement St

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This dan tat is gigantic!
It’s larger than the Golden Gate dan tat and 2-1/2 times the size of the dan tat at Golden Chariot.
Alex Bakery $1.20
I’ll need a side-by-side taste comparison.

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How would you rate these all in egg yolk-y flavor (not my preference, but something others seem to like).

P.S… if anyone know of a place to get dan tat with a lard crust, let me know!

[quote=“hyperbowler, post:4, topic:3068”]
a place to get dan tat with a lard crust, let me know!
[/quote] IIRC, Wonder Food Bakery in Oakland uses lard laden crust.

on yolkiness-the color of the custard at Alex Bakery is a darker yellow which one might conclude indicates a richer egginess-but may indeed be a food color additive-or, not.
The taste of the lighter yellow custard at Golden Chariot is richer while the balance of custard to crust imparts a delicate impression overall.
So what can color tell us? Is it milk or cream in the custard? How silky is the custard? Is it heavy on the tongue?

The flakey layers of the Alex Bakery dan tat has a hint of lard and my first impression was lard with shortening.
I personally prefer a short flakey crust…I bake almond cookies with lard, too.

You know the song lyrics ‘love the one you’re with’?
Eat the dan tat in your hand.
I could enjoy either of these samplings - as different as they are.
Now, on to taste dan tats at Cafe Bakery.